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Revolutionary War: (Click on a name to read their pension record.)

All names in  the color of "Green" represent information take from the book "Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors of the Rev. War - Published by the Sec. of the Commonwealth - Boston, MA 1904

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                                                                                                       PERKINS RESEARCH REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORDS

SOLDIER STATE  Soldier or Widow /Record # WIFE
Aaron Perkins CT S- 41053 Hannah Treadwell
Abiezer Perkins MA W- 243835 Irene Loomis
Abner Perkins MA S- 15195 Mary Shay
Abner Perkins MA    DAR Data Needed
Abner Perkins ME    DAR Abigail Sloman
Abner Perkins MA
Abner Perkins MA
Abner Perkins MA    DAR Lucy Phelps
Abner Perkins MA    DAR Mary Chick
Abraham Perkins CT    -03536 Anne Fanning
Abraham Perkins MA    -08107 MarySpillar/Elizabeth Lear
Abraham Perkins MA    -DAR Mary Sanborn Fogg
Abraham Perkins MA    - DAR Sarah Cogswell
Abraham Perkins MA    - DAR Elizabeth Ely/ Mary Ely
Abraham Perkins MA
Amos Perkins RI W- 16369 Cote Staples
Amos Perkins Jr. CT     -DAR Abiah Downs
Andrew Perkins MA     -DAR Rachael Elliott
Andrew Perkins MA
Anthony Perkins VA S- 11234 Data Needed
Archelaus Perkins VA S- 15570 Ann Mitchell
Archelaus Perkins MA
Archibald Perkins VA     -DAR Elizabeth Gibbs
Asa Perkins MA
Bemsley Perkens MA
Benjamin Perkins NH S- 15572 Betsey Swain
Benjamin Perkins GA    -DAR Elizabeth Moore
Benjamin Perkins MA    -DAR Lydia Hawks
Benjamin Perkins MA
Benjamin Perkins MA
Benjamin Perkins MA
Benjamin Perkins MA
Benjamin Perkins MA
Benjamin Perkins VA  -DAR Mary (?)
Calvin Perkins MA
Charles Perkins CT    -DAR Data Needed
Charles Perkins MA    -DAR Abigail Waterman
Charles Perkins MA
Charles Perkins NC    -DAR Mary Tate
Christain Perkins VA S- 25729 Data Needed
Christopher Perkins NY Unknown Rebecca Palmer/Hannah Bishop Carpenter
Daniel Perkins CT S- 19026 Sarah Birchard
Daniel Perkins CT to VT S- 41063 Hannah _________
Daniel Perkins CT     -DAR Rebecca Wadsworth
Daniel Perkins MA     -DAR Abigail Penny
Daniel Perkins MA
Daniel Perkins MA
Daniel Perkins MA
Daniel Perkins VT W- 01991 Sarah Wilkins
Darius Perkins MA
David Perkins MA
David Perkins MA
David Perkins MA W- 15185 Nabby Conant
David Perkins MA S- 03656 Data Needed
David Perkins MA    -DAR Mercy Fisk
David Perkins MA    -DAR Fear Canedy
David Perkins NC    -DAR Elizabeth (?)
David Perkins NH    -DAR Mehitable Swett
David Perkins NH    -DAR Elizabeth Brown
David Perkins NH    -DAR Abigail Griffith
David Perkins SC    -DAR Bilzie Stringer
David Perkins SC    -DAR Margaret Williams
Ebenezer Perkins CT W- 21954 Sarah Perkins
Ebenezer Perkins NY    -DAR Hannah Jayne
Ebenezer Perkins RI    -DAR Hannah Prosser
Ebenezer Perkins MA S- 54063 Data Needed
Ebenezer Perkins CT S- 36219 Data Needed
Ebenezer Perkins MA W- 21954 Sarah Weston
Ebenezer Perkins MA S- 21951 Mary Pratt

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