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A few years ago I ordered the Rev. War Military papers for one William Perkins from the National Archives. The papers did not contain a lot of useful family genealogy data. Right around the same time I heard about the Company called Willow Bend Books. I contacted Mr. Craig R. Scott and he did a look up for me in the book named THE LOST PENSIONS-SETTLED ACCOUNTS. He graciously copied the lost pension file of William Perkins from this book. I only paid for the copy cost and postage. The information he sent from this book contained family information that I was seeking. Below is a posting I made on www.genforum.com a number of years ago.

There is a book on the market, it is called

This book contains the NAMES of the soldiers who have Rev. War Pension settlement records that are normally forgotten about. These records are available because of a act of congress on April 6,1838. Under the act the pension field offices that handed out the Pension Checks to soldiers were instructed to return to the Treasury, checks that pensioners failed to pick up after 8 months. These records usually contain a copy of the pension certificate surrendered by the family, the date and place and death of the soldier. Names of the heirs and locations where they resided.

The cost of the book is $28.00+$3.00S&H. Call 1-800-876-6103 to order the book of names or visit his web site at..........
www.willowbend.net < this URL NO LONGER WORKS. READ BELOW WHY

If your soldier is listed, you can obtain these wonderful records from this company.
Read my note prior to this for instructions.
I ordered from them I was happy with what I got! GOOD LUCK to you ALL.
If you do order, you do it by your choice and free will.

I am not responsible if you are not happy with what you get.

Sincerely; Denise Perkins Ready

2005- Heritage Books/Willow Bend Books to Close Store (Only)


Another genealogy book store is about to close. In fact, there aren't many walk-in book stores left. However, in this case there is some good news: the store will remain in business as an Internet and mail order operation. In fact, the owner expects to expand.

A few years ago Willow Bend Books acquired the assets of Heritage Books, Inc. Since then, the new company has continued to operate under both business names. The company operates a large and apparently growing mail order, telephone order and Internet business. It also has maintained a walk-in book store in Westminster, Maryland.

I recently talked with CEO  Craig R. Scott. He confirmed that he is closing the walk-in “brick and mortar bookstore” to the public effective October 1. However, he emphasized that the closure will allow him and the employees to focus on the growing mail order and Internet business. He said that two different management studies recommended the change last year and it just took him a while for him to stop fighting the recommendations.

Heritage Books, Inc. (also known as Willow Bend Books) will remain as one of the largest sellers of genealogy books and related materials at http://www.HeritageBooks.com and at http://www.WillowBendBooks.com. The company also plans to sell through catalogs; by mail, by phone (800 876-6103) and at seminars.



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