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1810 New York Biographical Sketches:


 New York Biographical Sketches

(Capt.) James Perkins b.?. Son of (Erastus & Anne (Glover) Perkins) of Norwich, CT. His wife SARAH (ALVERSON). They were listed on the 1810 New York Census at Walton, Delaware Co., N.Y. He is listed on the 1820 Census at Norwich, Chenango Co., NY and in 1830 at Oxford, Chenango Co., NY. He ran the Park Hotel, Oxford, NY until 1837.

Their known children were:

1. Christine Perkins b.1810 NY
2. Marietta Perkins b.1812 NY m. John Benedict
3. James Perkins Jr. b.1814
4. Alpheus Perkins b.1816 NY m. Phebe H. (Squire)
5. Adelia Perkins b. ?  m. 1832; Samuel McKoon/McCoon (Attorney)

*His brother was Erastus Perkins who built the Park Hotel , Oxford, NY
*He had a brother named Jabez Perkins who in 1819 was sleeping in bed with is wife in the cabin, when the cabin was struck by lightning. He and his wife died and they left a large and helpless family destitute and forlorn.

Source: Galpin, Henry J. - Annals of Oxford, New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and early pioneers; Oxford, N.Y.: H.J. Galpin, 1906, 591 pgs
Source: Marriage - Adelia Perkins - Albany Argus - Newspaper - Albany, NY - 4.28.1832
Source: The History of Delaware Co., NY by W.W. Munsell - 1797-1880


Joel Perkins b.ca.1750. Son of (*See the below theory). His wife MEHITABLE (BROOKS). They were married April 27, 1771 at Montague, Franklin Co., Mass . A "Joel Perkins" was listed living at Montague, MA on the 1790 MA Census. They were later listed on the 1810 Census at Genesee Co., New York.

Known Children:

1. Elisha Perkins b. 4-25-1772 MA m. Jemina (Johnson)
2. Elijah Perkins b. 8-29-1774 MA m. Patience (Wood)
3. Stephen Perkins b.5-14-1780 MA m.
4. Hannah Perkins b.6-6-1782 MA m. Thomas Pratt
5. Eli Perkins b.3-31-1786 m. Sarah "Sally" (Hull)
6. Mary Perkins b.10-5-1790 m.

*It has been suggested that this **JOEL PERKINS was the son of John Perkins & Dorcus (Brooks) and brother to William Perkins .
*See my posting where this theory was tossed around: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/PERKINS/2007-08/1187307616

** Perkins Research asks Questions??... " IF.... Joel Perkins who m. Mehitable (Brooks) (above) was a son of John Perkins b.1719 Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA who married Dorcus (Brooks)... 

Question 1: Why would he have fought in the Rev. War from Mass. and not of from Connecticut where John & Dorcus Perkins had removed to prior to 1746 and where their son "Joel Perkins b. March 1st, 1750" was born at ????

Question 2: Would not Joel Perkins b.1750, son of John & Dorcus (Brooks) Perkins served in the Rev. War from Connecticut ?**

It is a known fact that John Perkins m. Dorcus (Brooks) at New Haven, CT in 1746 and that John & Dorcus (Brooks) lived at Cheshire, CT and Wallingford, CT, not in Mass. If Joel Perkins, son of John & Dorcus (Brooks) Perkins inherited his grandfathers land in MA, then this parental theory might be possible.

A male descendant the above JOEL PERKINS family would need to submit a Y-DNA test kit to a Y-DNA testing company to compare it against others of the Edward Perkins of New Haven, CT Line, which is the line of descent that the author of the book "The Descendants of Edward Perkins of New Haven, CT", places the family of John & Dorcus (Brooks) Perkins. This Y-DNA test would defiantly be an interesting test kit outcome to watch.  Are you a MALE Descendant - Please consider submitting your Male DNA to the Perkins YDNA Project.

Rev. War Soldier - Served from MA


Levi Perkins b.1786 Cheshire, CT. Son of (Samuel & Amy (Beecher) Perkins) . His wife HANNAH (SALISBURY). (dau. of Nathan Salisbury, of Caire, NY d.1821). They were listed on the 1810 Windham, Green County, New York Census. They later removed to Rochester, Ulster Co., NY and then settled at Sullivan Co., NY. In the early history of the State, Green County was a part of Ulster and Albany County and was made a separate and distinct county in 1800. Levi Perkins was a prominent manufacturer in the city of Rochester, Ulster Co., NY.

Their known children were:

1. Nathan Salisbury Perkins b.11.6.1810 NY   *Removed to Minnesota*
2. Mary A. Perkins b. ? Rochester, Ulster Co., NY m. Harvey Morse
3. Julia Perkins b.1821 NY
3. Nelson Perkins b.1823-1826 m. 1st. Ruth Ann (Unknown); 2nd 1863 in MN; Cornelia (Hamlin)  *Removed to Minnesota*

Source: NY Census Records
Nathan Salisbury - Abstract of wills of Greene County, New York, Sawyer, Ray C.; 1933 - Will Probated May 14 1821
Source: Biographical Sketch - Eugene Perkins - Memoirs of La Crosse Co., WI: etc...
Source: Mary A. Perkins marriage - Commemorative biographical record of Ulster Co., NY v. 2


Samuel Perkins b.1756 Woodbridge\Lyme, CT d.1811 Green Co., NY. Son of (Peter & Mary (Peck) Perkins). His wife AMY (BEECHER). He removed from Connecticut to New York State and is listed on the 1810 Census at Windham, Greene Co., NY.

Known children were:

1. Wooster/Worster Perkins b.1779 CT
2. Anna Perkins b. ca.1781 CT m. Daniel Stowe
3. Hoel Perkins b.1783 CT
4. Levi Perkins b.1786 CT
5. Harlow Perkins b.1787 CT
6. Amy Perkins b.1788 CT m. Uriah Haines NY
. Peter Perkins.b.1790 m. Sally (Hotchkiss)

*Informational - This Samuel Perkins did NOT also marry Lavina\Levia Edson


Solomon Perkins b.1737 MA d.1831 NY. Son of (Solomon & Lydia (Sprague) Perkins).  His 1st wife SARAH (EDSON)., 2nd wife MARGARET (Unknown). They were listed on the 1810 & 1820 Census at Champion, Jefferson County, New York.

Their known children were:

1. Sprague Perkins b.1766 MA
2. Eliab Perkins b.1767  m. Tiley (Ingreham)
3. Sarah "Sally" Perkins b.1768 MA m. Samuel Sinclair
4. Solomon Perkins Jr. b.1775 MA
5. Hosea Edson Perkins b.1780 MA
6. Haron Perkins  b. ? MA

*Elihu S. Perkins is somehow related to this family*

*May have fought in the English & French & Indian War (1754-1763)
Source: Last Will and Testament  - Jefferson County NY - Wills Book A - (1830-1843) -  Pages 15-17


(prob). Joseph Perkins b.1735 MA. Son of (Solomon & Lydia (Sprague) Perkins). His wife MARTHA (HAYWARD / HOWARD)?. They were listed on the 1810 New York Census at Champion, Jefferson Co., NY.

Unknown children

This person was listed on census index's as "Lot Perkins". But after viewing this Census myself, I see it as Jo's (Joseph). He lived a few Households away from his brother, Solomon Perkins (Above).


Dr. Solomon Perkins Jr., M.D. b.4.2 or 5.1805. MA d.2.25.1863 Erie, PA. (POSSIBLE > Son of Hosea Edson & Edith (Manchester) Perkins) . His wife LOVINA\LAVINIA (CAMPBELL) b.1808 NY d.1854 Erie, PA.  They were listed on the 1830 Census at Champion, Jefferson County, New York. They removed from New York to Erie Co., PA around 1830/31 and should have been listed on the 1840 at Erie or Wayne, Erie Co., PA. In 1850 they were listed at at Wayne, Erie Co., PA.  They were known to have had 8 children, 5 of which are currently known.

Their known children were:

1.[Unknown]              *Not mentioned in fathers Will
2. Lester Perkins b.1829 Jefferson Co., NY
3.Victor Perkins b.1837 PA   *Not mentioned in fathers Will

6. Charity Perkins b.1843 PA 
*Not mentioned in fathers Will
7. Leroy Perkins b.1845 PA   
(*Possibly* married Adelaide E. Haskell and d.1924 Pascagoula, Jackson Co., MS)
8. Alvira/Elvira Perkins b.1847 m. Hollis Hiscock

**In the Will of Solomon Perkins, he mentioned his brother "Eliab Perkins"**

Source: Portrait and biographical album of Polk County, Iowa, Chicago, Lake City publishing co., 1890
Source: Solomon Perkins - Last Will and Testament - PA Wills & Probate Records


(Doctor) John H. Perkins b.1769 ? d.11.28.1810 Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY. His wife is Unknown. He was not listed on the 1810 Census at Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY as he must have died prior to the census.

**More research is needed**

Source: Death of John H. Perkins - Columbian Gazette - Utica, N.Y. - 12.11.1810


Rev. Lester Perkins b.1828 Jefferson Co., NY. Son of (Solomon & Lovina\Lavinia (Campbell) Perkins). His wife CLARINDA (EATON). He was a Methodist minister and left Erie Co., PA in 1858 for Poynette, Columbia Co.,  WI. They are listed on the 1850 Census at Wayne, Erie Co., PA and on the 1860 Census at Dekorra, Columbia Co., WI. In 1864 they removed to Mt. Vernon, IA. In 1868 he moved his family to Des Moines, IA.

Their children were:

1. Perry Perkins b.1849 PA
2. Charles O. Perkins b.1853 PA
3. Ella Perkins b.1856 PA m. E. B. Fagen
4. Frank Perkins b. ?
5. Kittie Perkins b. ?
6. Jennie Perkins b. ?
7.B ert Perkins b. ?

Source: Biographical Sketch - Portrait and biographical album of Polk County, Iowa, Chicago, Lake City publishing co., 1890
Source: 1850 PA Census


Ambrose Perkins b. ca. 1780 ?. His wife BETSY / BETSEY (Unknown). They were listed on the 1810 Census at Riga, Genesee Co., NY.

Their known child:

1. Ephraim Perkins b.1804 NY



*Note* Some of all of this Information may not be correct. It will be up to you, the researcher to show proof before passing any of this information on.


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