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 Vermont Biographical Sketches

Elisha Perkins b.1767 CT or MA. Son of (Jacob & Martha (Tappan) Perkins). His wife ELIZABETH (HILL)  b.?   d. 1848 NY. They were not listed on the 1790 VT Census but through research I find he did resided there prior to 1790. In 1800 they resided at Chelsea, Orange Co., VT. He was of Leicester, Genesee Co., NY in 1820 along with his son George W. Perkins. In 1830 he was listed at Genesco, Livingston Co., NY.  He is  buried at Temple Hill Cemetery, Livingston Co., NY.

Their known children were:

1.George W. Perkins b.ca. 1789 VT
2.Elizabeth Almira "Betsey" Perkins b.1799 VT m. William Fletcher
3.Aaron Potter Perkins b.1800 VT m. 1st.Keziah Richardson , 2nd. Sarah Wonsey
4.Lucy Hunter Perkins b.1802 VT m. Ezra Hill
5.John Hill Perkins b.1804 VT m. 1st. Eliza Beebe , 2nd. Jane Beebe
6.Daniel L. Perkins b.1807 VT m. Lucy Moore, Mehitable Moore?
7.Eunice Dodge Perkins b.1809 VT m. Harrison Fowler
8.Elisha Dyer Perkins b.1810 VT d. 1822
9.Harriet Winslow Perkins b.1812 VT m. 1st. Sydney Raymond, 2nd. Chester Dewey

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Source: Elizabeth Perkins -
Last Will and Testament  -  NY Wills & Probate Records
Source: Elisha Perkins - Last Will and Testament - NY Wills & Probate Records


Nathaniel Perkins Jr. b.1754 Canterbury, NH - d. 1842 Walden, VT. Son of (Nathaniel & Elizabeth (Lindsey) Perkins). His wife MARTHA "Mercy" (HEATH). They were listed on the 1790 VT Census at Walden, Orange Co., VT.  [By 1800 the township of Walden, VT was in Caledonia Co., VT] . They are buried in the Perkins Cemetery at Walden, VT.

Their known children were:

1.Jonathan Perkins b. 1786 NH
2.Elizabeth "Betsey" Perkins b. 1788 NH m. Ebenezer Stevens
3.Jesse Perkins b. 1790 Walden, VT
4.Hannah Perkins b. 1792 VT
5.Matilda Perkins b.1794 VT
6.Augusta Perkins b.1796 VT m. Benjamin Durrell
7.Martha Perkins b.1799 VT m. Lewis Hill
8.Nathaniel Perkins Jr. b.1801 VT
10.George Perkins b.1803 VT  m. Diantha Gould
11.Sarah "Sally" Perkins b.1805 VT m. Frederick Whitcher
12.Urban/Irving Perkins b.1808  VT
13.Susan Perkins b.1810 VT

*He served in the Rev. War from NY in Capt. Hutchins Company, Col. John Stark's regiment (Battle of Bunker Hill)- 1775.

Source: *Revolutionary War Soldier* - He served in the Rev. War from NY in Capt. Hutchins Company, Col. John Stark's regiment (Battle of Bunker Hill)- 1775.
Source: Gazetteer of Caledonia and Essex Counties, Vt. 1764-1887
Source: For More Information.. Contact.. Mary L. Lugo...... 
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Jonathan Perkins b.1786 VT d.1864 Cabot, VT. Son of (Nathaniel & Martha (Heath) Perkins).  His wife MARTHA (WARNER).

Their known child was:

1.Hannah E. Perkins b.1830 VT m. Augustine Rogers
2.Hiram Perkins b. ? VT d.1872 VT m. Laura Marsh

Source: Barber genealogy : (In two sections) Section I. Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor, Conn. 1614-1909. Section II. Descendants of John Barber of Worcester, Mass. 1714-1909 (Volume 1)
Source: Hiram Perkins marriage to Laura Marsh -
Genealogy of the family of George Marsh : who came from England in 1635 and settled in Hingham, Mass. (1887)



Joseph Perkins b. 1774 Deerfield, N. H. d. 1827 VT. He came from Deerfield, N. H. to Walden, VT in 1802. His 1st wife ELIZABETH (TORRY), his 2nd wife HANNAH (MERRILL). They were listed on the 1810 Vermont Census at Walden, Caledonia Co., VT.

His known child w/1st wife:

1.David Perkins b.1797 Kingston, NH m. Hannah (Burbank)

His  known child w/1st wife:

2.Robert Merrill Perkins b. 1807 VT m. Hannah Rogers
.Hiram Perkins b. 1809 VT m. Sally (Smith)
4.Mary Perkins b. 1812 VT d.1892 m. Brainard Flint
5.Roxanne Perkins b.1816 VT m. Isaac Eastman

Joseph Perkins bought 19 acres, Lot 3 in Great Lot 46, Oct. 29, 1799, and also bought land June 16, 1802 at Walden, VT. It is suggested that he was a brother of Nathaniel Perkins Jr. (above).

Source: History of Walden VT
Source: Gazetteer of Caledonia and Essex Counties, Vt. 1764-1887
Source: "The History Committee of the Walden Public Library".


John Perkins b. ? . Son of (Nathaniel & Elizabeth (Lindsley) Perkins). His wife 1st wife is Unknown (Unknown), his 2nd wife MOLLY (GEORGE). He resided for awhile at Potton, Quebec, Canada until 1803. They were listed on the 1810 Vermont census at Walden, Caledonia Co., VT.

Their known child was:

1. Samuel Perkins b. 1801 m.  Sarah (Sally) Hodgedon

His known children with Molly George were:

2. Nathaniel Perkins b.
3. Mary Perkins b.

If it was the above John Perkins who resided at Walden, Caledonia Co., VT in 1830. Then he was the father of the below child, known to be a child of "John Perkins of Walden, Caledonia Co., VT" in 1826.

(possibly). Robert Perkins b. ?  d. 1826 Strafford, Orange Co., VT


Information: John Perkins, Walden's first settler, and witnessed deed of Ebenezer Hacket to Nathaniel Perkins in June 1795
Source: Gazetteer of Caledonia and Essex Counties, Vt. 1764-1887
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Source: A "John Perkins" of Walden, Caledonia Co., VT was listed as the father of Robert Perkins, (deceased)  - Vermont Wills and Probate Records . Record dated 8-23-1826


John Hill Perkins b. 8.1.1804 Chelsea, Orange Co., VT d.12. 20.1904 Livingston Co.,NY. Son of (Elisha & Elizabeth (Hill) Perkins). His 1st. wife ELIZA (BEEBE), his 2nd wife JANE (BEEBE), both daughters of Hopestell Beebe. He removed from VT to Genesee Co., NY with is parents in 1815 and later locating in Leicester, NY. From there to Livonia, NY to Little Beards town, where now is the village of Cuylerville, NY. They were listed on the 1830-1850 Census at Leicester, Livingston Co., NY.

His known children w/1st wife were:

1.Miles Perkins b.1831 NY
2.Jane Perkins b.1833 NY m. James L. Jarrad
3.Franklin Perkins b.1836 NY
4.Artillisa Perkins b.1838 NY m. Abram Cole  
*Removed to Michigan
5.(George) Washington Perkins b.1840* NY
6.(Joseph) Warren Perkins b.1840 NY (*Twins) d.1864 Andersonville Prison
(Civil War)
7. Stephen Perkins b. ? NY

His known children w/2nd. wife were:

1.John Perkins b.1844 NY
2.Mailen Perkins b.? NY
3.Caroline Perkins b. ? NY
4.Alice Perkins b.1852 NY  n/m
5.Frances Perkins b.1854 NY m. Oscar Woodruff   
*Lakeville, NY

Source: Biographical Review of Livingston and Wyoming Co. ,NY, 1895. p.340-341. HERE
2nd Source:
 Obit: Miles Perkins - The Livingston Republican - 10.16.1915
3rd Source: http://www.perkins-family.org/research/jacob-gene.shtml
4th Source: Newspaper - Obituary - Livingston Democrat - 12.21.1904 - Geneseo, N.Y.


Miles Perkins b. 1831 Genesee, NY. Son of (John H. and Eliza (Beebe) Perkins). His 1st wife JANE (SIMONSON), his 2nd wife LUCY (Unknown) PHILLIPS.

His known children w/ 1st wife:

1. Walter Perkins b. ? NY  d. 1904/1905

Source: Obit: Miles Perkins The Livingston Republican - 10.16.1915


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