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Misc. Marriages:

1. R.E. Perkins of Watertown, NY m. 9.17.1880 Mary McCurdy by: Rev. A. Cheeseman
2. Ella J. Perkins of Theresa, NY m. 2.16.1882 John H. Simmons of Russia, NY by: Rev. Tryon Edwards @ Gouverneur,NY
3. Bertha M. Perkins of Parishville, NY m. 1.26.1892 Morris A. Page of Brasher Falls, NY by: Rev. Jas. M. Thomas @ Brasher Falls, NY

4. John W. Perkins m. 11.20.1894 Hattie M. Davis of Ogdensburg, NY by: Rev. A.M. Prentice @ Ogdensburg, NY
5. N.A. Perkins of Massena, NY m. 5.12.1859 Elizabeth Bogardus of Massena, NY by: Rev. A.S. Wightman @ Ogdensburg, NY
6. Amos Perkins m. 4.19.1848 Philettee Johnson @ Stockholm, NY by: Rev. Elder O. Newton
7. Betsey A. Perkins of Massena, NY  m.9.4.1848 John B. Kendell of Burlington, WI by: Rev. Elias Goodspeed @ Massena, NY
8. Fanny Perkins of Stockholm, NY m. 6.6.1848 Ellihew Benton of Stockholm, NY by: Rev. Jonathan Douglass @ Stockholm, NY

9. Henry M. Perkins of Edwards, NY m. 11.9.1849 Alvira Allen of Edwards, NY by: J. F. Bigton, Esq. @ Edwards, NY
10. Jane Ann Perkins of Stockholm, NY m. 10.15.1849 Carlton Beecher of Stockholm, NY by: Franklin Kellog, J.P @ Stockholm, NY
11. Joseph Perkins of Ogdensburg, NY m. 5.6.1852 Mary Anthony @ St. Mary's Church Ogdensburg, NY
12. Martin Joseph Perkins of Ogdensburg, NY m. 9.7.1910 Lula May Smith @ St. Mary's Church Ogdensburg, NY
13. Alonzo Perkins of Troy, NY m. 1.20.1842 Catherine M. Laythe of Troy, NY by: Rev. L.D. Gibbs @ Heuvelton, NY
14. Betsey Perkins of Potsdam, NY m. 1.29.1835 Robert Fifield by: G.T. Howard @ Heuvelton, NY
15  Densey\Dency H. (Hosley) Perkins (Mrs.) of Canton, NY m. 5.17.1843 Chester S. Montgomery of Pierrepont, NY by: Rev. John Sawyer
16. E. S. Perkins of Potsdam, NY m. 11.30.1841 D.H. Hartley of Canton, NY by: Rev. Job Potter @ Canton, NY
17. Francis J. Perkins of Canton, NY m. 2.13.1845 Ellen Murray of Watertown, NY by: Rev. Fenton @ Evans Mills, NY
18. James Perkins of Parishville, NY m. 1.20.1846 Livona Smith of Parishville, NY by: Rev. Burnap @ Parishville, NY
19. Louisa Perkins of Ottawa, Ontario m. 12.23.1845 Philip Thompson of Ottawa, Ontario by: L.Baldwin J.P @ Ogdensburg, NY

20. Mary Perkins of Lisbon, NY m. 1.1.1849 John Wright of Ogdensburg, NY by: Rev. P.D. Gorrie @ Lisbon, NY
21. Mary A. Perkins of Parishville, NY m. 10.8.1845 Henry Greene of Parishville, NY by: Rev. B. Burnap @ Parishville, NY
22. Mary Perkins of Rochester, NY (dau. of the Late William H. Perkins) m. 9.29.1880 William J. Averell of Ogdensburg, NY by: Rev. Dr. Robinson.

23. Matthew Perkins m. 8.7.1803 Sally Tibbits/Tibbets at Troy, NY, 1st Presbyterian Church.
24. John Perkins m. 1.12.1806 Almira Phelps at Troy, NY, 1st Presbyterian Church.

Misc. Deaths:

1. William Perkins d. 1.24.1828 @ Potsdam, NY aged 50
2. John Erastus Perkins d. 10.2.1848 @ Massena, NY aged 64. He was born at Becket, MA
3. Benjamin T. Perkins d. 1.29.1826 @ Detroit, MI aged 21, son of Benjamin Perkins of Lisbon, NY
4. Abram Perkins d. 3.26.1838 aged 38 @ Parishville, NY,( Postmaster)
5. William Perkins d. 3.9.1888 @ Oswegatchie, NY aged 83 yrs.
6. Ella Perkins d. 4.14.1882 aged 30 @ Parishville, NY dau. of James Perkins
7. Francis J. Perkins d. 1.26.1890 @ Canton, NY aged 65 yrs.
8. Margaret Grant/ Perkins (mother of John W. Grant), wife of Bishop Perkins d. 4.26.1858 aged 85
9. John E. Perkins d. 9.27.1847 aged 64
10. Olive Perkins d. 7.31.1847 aged 51
11. Sarah Perkins, wife of Henry, d. 10.6.1842 aged 24 yrs 7mo.
12. Almon Perkins (1822-1900)
13. Roxanna Perkins (1812-1888)

Misc. Deaths - Oneida Co., NY

1. Silas Perkins b.1764 d. 10.31.1847- Buried in Miller Cemetery on Higgins Farm, Town of Annsville, NY
2. Mary Perkins d. 4.10.1844, buried Fairview Cemetery, Bridgewater, NY
3. Hiram Perkins d. 5.1867 Boonville, NY
4. Mary C. Perkins d. 1.8.1827, 20 yrs old, buried  Old Barneveld Cemetery, Barneveld, NY
5. Samuel Perkins d. 3.20.1864 Buried Lairdsville Cemetery, was staff officer in War 1812
6. Zebulon W. Perkins b. 12.6.1787 d. 5.29.1873, Oriskany Cemetery, Oneida Co., NY
7. Betsey Perkins (wife of Joseph) b. 2.6.1786 d. 7.6.1886 Buried Hamil Cemetery, Rome, NY
8. Charles E. Perkins b. Utica, d. 1843 at Elkhorn, WI Buried Fair View Cemetery, Bridgewater, NY
9. Elisha Perkins d. 9.29.1840, 81 yrs, Buried Fairview Cemetery, Bridgewater, NY
10. Eliza Kerry Perkins, wife of O.D. Perkins, d. 1.20.1857, Buried Fair View Cemetery, Bridgewater, NY
11. O.D. Perkins b. 12.25.1803 d. 9.22.1864, wife: Eliza Kerry
12. Phebe Perkins, dau. of Joseph & Betsey
13. Jenckes Perkins b. 9.6.1762 at South Kingston, R.I. , d. 3.17.1832 at Oriskany, NY
14. R. H. Perkins (R.H. Thompson) wife of O.D. Perkins , d. 10.10.1863
15. Samuel Perkins d. 12.30.1837, 75 yrs Buried at Rome Cemetery, Rome, NY
16. Elizabeth Wanton, wife of Jenckes, b.1761 d.1843
17. Joseph Perkins b. 6.8.1778 d. 1.31.1849 Buried at Hamil Cemetery, Rome, NY
18. Mercy Perkins, dau. of Joseph & Betsey, Buried at Hamil Cemetery, Rome, NY

Deaths Ogdensburg Cemetery, Ogdensburg, NY:

1. William Perkins b. 4.15.1805 d. 3.10.1888
2. Laban Perkins d. 2.18.1866 aged 26 yrs, 5 mo.
3. Polly C. Perkins, wife of William Perkins, b. 5.1.1808 d. 10.15.1914
4. Eli Perkins b. 12.7.1849 d. 8.22.1872
5. Cordelia M. Perkins, dau. of William & Polly Perkins, d. 12.19.1864? aged 21 yrs
6. Mary A. Perkins, wife of John Wright, b. 2.11.1860 d. 7.18.1914
7. Mary E. Christie, wife of Harold Perkins (1901-1989)
8. Byron Perkins 1841-1912; Laura Chapin, his wife, 1839-1906
9. Osborn L. Perkins, son of Byron & Laura Perkins, (1872-1887)
10. George M. Perkins (1870-1899)
11. Wilber H. Perkins (1868-1929), Minnie J. McEwen his wife (1865-1950)
12. Harold M. Perkins, on of Wilber & Minnie Perkins , (1904-1987)
13. Minnie Bell Perkins, dau. of William & M Perkins
14. Clara Perkins, dau. of William & M. Perkins
15. Margaret Grant Perkins d. 1.12.1906, dau. of (Bishop & Mary Grant Perkins) aged 85 yrs
16. Mary Grant Perkins, wife of Bishop Perkins, d. 12.15.1868 aged 88 yrs
17. Bishop Perkins b. 9.5.1787 d. 11.20.1866
18. Hiram Perkins b. 12.6.1832 d. 9.4.1891, Nancy J. Quadlin, wife of Hiram, b.5.29.1835 d.2.17.1907
19. Hattie M. (Perkins) Melhish (1872-1941), Geo. I. Melhish (1864-1944)
20. David H. Perkins (1878-1957); Emma Scott, his wife (1878-1957)
21. John W. Perkins (1865-1934); Hattie M. Davis, his wife (1862-1916);Lulu Boothroyd, wife of John (1878-1936
22. Frederick G. Perkins (1868-1938), Harriet Ryan, his wife (1867-1952)
23. Eli Perkins (Father) (1875-1947); Mabel W. (Mother) (1888-1968)
24. E. Gordon Perkins (son of Eli & Mabel Perkins) (1923-1959)

Deaths - Gross Hill Cemetery, New Lisbon, Otsego Co., NY

1.Amos Perkins, d. 3.13.1833, aged 65 yrs.
2.Cata Perkins, d. 12.14.1839, aged 78 yrs, 8 mo.
3.Caleb Perkins, d. 2.22.1852, aged 75 yrs.
4.Sarah(Srah), d. 8.8.1861, aged 82 yrs, 2 mo.
5.Harvey Perkins, b. 1.14.1803-d.5.25.1891
6.Bethiana Perkins, b. 10.8.1805-d.1.14.1894
7.Eliza Perkins, dau. of Harvey & Bethiana, d. 3.3.1845, aged 17 yrs.

NYG&B Volume 53, 1922

Page.321: Cayuga County, NY Cemetery Inscriptions:

1.Walter Perkins, b. 2.28.1785
2.Elizabeth Perkins, d. 8.14.1834 77 yrs, 9 mo., 26 days; wife of Walter
3.Aressa Kinyon Perkins, b.6.7.1807-d.5.9.1868, wife of Walter

Page:186-187: Thompkins City  Gravestones, Town of Ithica,NY

1.Rebecca H. Perkins, wife of Augustus Perkins, b. 5.12.1776-d.6.10.1838
2.Augustus Perkins, b. 7.20.1773-d.11.12.1831
3.Lucy Perkins, wife of Augustus, b.2.21.1774-d.5.12.1822
4.Simeon Perkins, son of Augustus & Lucy, b.7.7.1812-d.3.27.1823
5.Rebecca Perkins, dau. of Augustus & Lucy, b.12.9.1808-d.6.7.1837

NYG&B Volume 60

Page:56: Montgomery County Inscriptions:

1.Elizabeth Perkins, wife of Jacob A. Fonda, b.7.27.1849-d.1.1.1904

NYG&B Volume 115

Page:294: Inscriptions- Hartford, NY

1.Marcy Perkins Newton (1798-1878); wife of Asahel Newton (1802-1877)

NEHGR: Volume 109, 1955

Page: 271: Deming Cemetery Inscriptions, Edmeston, Ostego Co.,NY

1.Eliza. Perkins, wife of Amos Perkins, d. 3.23.1873, aged 41 yrs, 6 mo., 12 days.
2.George Perkins, d. 4.12.1900, aged 73 yrs.
3.Hannah Perkins, wife of George Perkins, d. 4.12.1900, aged 73 yrs.
4.Elizabeth *(Tenbroeck) Perkins, wife of Ransom A. Perkins, d. 11.4.1867, aged 52 yrs, 4 mo., 16 days.
5.Harvey C., son of Ransom & Elizabeth (Tenbroeck) Perkins, d. 9.10.1863, aged 16 yrs, 10 mo., 8 days.
6.Mary Elizabeth Perkins, daughter of Ransom & Elizabeth (Tenbroeck) Perkins, d. 9.24.1863, aged 6 yrs, 2 mo., 20 days.
7.Charles A. Perkins, son of Oliver & Clarissa Perkins, d. 8.8.1863, aged 2 yrs, 4 mo., 20 days

*See: History of Hall County, Nebraska. p.784 (Marriage of Maria A. Perkins to Adin Dorrington Tilley)


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