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West Bloomfield, Ontario Co., NY
   John Perkins m. 11.6.1816  Betsey Peck

The Minerva News Paper - Essex Co., NY
John Perkins m. 1.10.1824 Maria Louisa Sibbald

Buffalo, Erie Co., NY
 Charles Perkins m. 8.2.1848 Elizabeth Cheney

Buffalo, Erie Co., NY - Deaths
1. Ellen S. Perkins, wife of R.B.G d. 6.28.1861 35yrs, 10m, 8d
   2. Isaac B. Perkins, d. 4.3.1848 29 yrs
   3. Loman Perkins, d. 8.17.1832 30 yrs
   4. Lydia Perkins, wife of Philetus, d. 8.20.1853 68 yrs
   5. Nathaniel T. Perkins, d. 10.23.1862
   6. Phineas Perkins, d. 2.25.1824 43 yrs
   7. Thomas G. Perkins, d. 11.13.1866 57 yrs
   8. William F. Perkins, d. 3.22.1864 27 yrs

Hudson City Cemetery, Columbia Co., NY
Rufus Perkins d.7.31.1847 73 yrs
   Rebekah Perkins d. 3.20.1862 84 yrs, wife of Rufus

Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY
 Rufus Perkins m. 11.21.1810 Mary Ann Benson

Unknown Location, NY
Capt. John B. Perkins m. 11.25.1844 Margaret Anthony

 Deaths & Marriages -- Misc. Newspapers
Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, MD


1. Elisha D. Perkins m. 10.29.1847 Elizabeth Berry, dau. of Horatio
2. Henry Perkins m. 11.17.1841 Harriet Summar, dau. of G.B.
3. J.F. Perkins m. 7.31.1844 Ellen E. Perkins, dau. of Elisha & Ellenor
4. James H. Perkins m. 6.12.1850 Jane C. Flack
5. John Perkins m. 2.18.1841 Catherine Weaver
6. John B. Perkins m. 5.5.1845 Mary J. Tucker
7. John R. Perkins m. 12.19.1848 Pricilla Travers
8. Otis R. Perkins m. 5.6.1841 Rebecca Gibson, she d. 1846
9. James Perkins m. 3.27.1853 Agnes T. Tomphson, dau. of Wm.
10.John Perkins m. 9.16.1856 G.V. Roberts, dau. of Wm.
11.Otis Perkins m. 12.24.1851 Frances Booth
12.William Perkins m. 3.8.1855 Susan Machenbermer
13.Wm. J. Perkins m. 4.27.1854 Elizabeth Spencer, dau. of Thomas
14.William H. Perkins m. 1.11.1860 Laura Pochon
15.William H.H. Perkins m. 9.13.1857 Amanda M. Ortlip
16.Elizabeth Perkins m. 1.8.1799 Richard D. Hall
17.Frances Perkins m. 10.12.1846 Christopher Hyatt
18.John Perkins m. 12.29.1804 Fanny Ridgely
19.Samuel Perkins m. 2.11.1797 Mary Warner


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