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News Paper Transcriptions were transcribed from the following websites:

        Northern Historical Newspapers, Found at:   http://news.nnyln.net/ &   Access Newspaper Archives, Found at: Milwaukee Public Library

I researched the oldest Newspapers at the above sites and spent many hours writing and then transcribing the important Genealogy information I obtained from each paper for the surname of Perkins. The information I transcribed contains Short Stories, Birth, Death and Marriage information from these Newspapers. I also included some articles with Historical facts pertaining to people by the surname of Perkins. If the information contained a lot of non-genealogy facts, I left that data out. The website "Northern Historical Newspapers" is a FREE site. The "Access Newspaper Archives" site is not FREE. I was able to gain complete access using my Milwaukee County Library Card number and entering that information into the sites log-in area.

     I did not transcribe a lot of data past 1925. Normally my site is pre-1900, but I made an exception in this case in hopes of finding death notices for aged Perkins who lived in the 1800's but passed away in the 1900's. I hope you enjoy the information as much as I did.


 The search consisted of this criteria. In the search engines on the above two websites, I searched for three specific words throughout each newspaper.


      This allowed me to narrow down the "Hit" numbers so that I would only bring up articles that contained those three words which made it easier to find what I was looking for. The only downfall to this, is that I may have missed a few marriage articles. I may, at some later date, return to the sites and search for just marriage notices. The reason I decided on the above three words, which mostly brought up death notices, was because there is more information in a death notice about a family then there is in a marriage notice.


Good Luck in Your Search....


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