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Misc. Vermont News Papers

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Washingtonia Newspaper - (Windor, VT) - Nov. 5th, 1810

At New York, Benjamin D. Perkins, Esq. of the House of Collins & Perkins, Book sellers. Mr. Perkins was born at Plainfield, Con. In 1775, and was the youngest son of the late Dr. (Elisha) Perkins, celebrated as the inventor of the Metallic Points. A very exalted character is given of this gentleman in the Commercial Advertiser. He was one of the Trustees of the N. Y. Free School, Member of the Abolition Society, a Director of the African School, one of the Governors of the Hospital and a very useful member of the Historical Society of New York.


Vermont Chronicle, (Bellows Falls, VT) Friday, November 13, 1829.

At Bridgewater, VT - Married - Mr. John D. Perkins to Miss Ursula Shurtleff.

Vermont Chronicle, Friday, October 21, 1831.

In Castleton, VT - Married - Mr. John M. Perkins to Miss. Happilonin Cross.

Vermont Chronicle, (Bellows Falls, VT) Wednesday, May 01, 1839.

Mr. John Perkins to Mrs. Fanny Horr at Woodstock, VT.

North Star Newspaper - April 1st, 1823 - Danville, Caledonia Co., VT
Mr. Ezra Perkins to Miss Miriam Page

North Star Newspaper - Jan. 25th, 1831 - Danville, Caledonia Co., VT
Mr. John A. Perkins of Wheelock, VT to Miss Margaret Mower at Montreal, Canada

North Star Newspaper - Feb. 15th, 1831 - Danville, Caledonia Co., VT
Mr. John Perkins of Castleton, VT to Miss Lucy Morton at Fairhaven, CT

North Star Newspaper - Nov. 12th, 1832 - Danville, Caledonia Co., VT
Mr. James Perkins to Miss Sophronia Wells

North Star Newspaper - March 24th, 1834 - Danville, Caledonia Co., VT
Mr. George R.(Riley) Perkins of Wheelock, VT to Miss Mary Ann Morrill of Danville, VT

Vermont  Watchman  &  State  Journal.

Jan. 18th, 1841: Mr. Isaac T. PERKINS to Miss Fanny E. POWELL on Jan. 3rd.


Caledonian Newspaper - Nov. 8th, 1842 - Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., VT
Mr. Hiram Perkins of Walden, VT to Miss Sally H. Smith of Walden, VT

Caledonian Newspaper - Nov. 8th, 1842 - Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., VT
Mr. Nathaniel Perkins Jr. of Walden, VT to Miss Elizabeth White

Caledonian Newspaper - March 4th, 1844 - Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., VT
Mr. Hiram Perkins of Walden, VT to Miss Laura Marsh

Vermont Journal - Windsor, VT - Dec. 20th, 1845

In this town on the 15th inst, by Rev. F. Butler, Mr. Norman E. Perkins, to Miss Caroline Savage, both of Windsor, VT.

Bellows Falls Gazette - Bellows Falls, VT - May 17th, 1849

In Chelsea, VT; April 17th, by Rev. L. Hill, Mr. Abner B. Davis of Springfield, VT and Miss Melita L. Perkins of Chelsea, VT.

Vermont Journal - Windsor, VT - May 24th, 1850

In Pomfret, VT: Mr. Lyman Perkins, of Stockbridge, VT to Miss Fidelia Churchill.

Weekly Eagle - Bratteboro, VT - Sept. 30th, 1852

At the Revere House, Sept. 13th, Robert Perkins, M.D. of Adrian, Michigan, and Mrs. Celia M. Herbert, of Northfield, MA

Weekly Eagle - Bratteboro, VT
- Nov. 8th, 1852

At the American House, Oct. 4th, by Rev. H. P. Cutting, Mr. G. W. Perkins and Miss M. J. Cosey, both of Marlboro, N.H.

Vermont Journal - Windsor, VT - Oct. 21, 1853

In Weathersfield, Oct. 16, by Rev. C. L. Frost, Mr. Chandler Spafford, of Charenton, La, and Miss Jane M. Perkins, of Weathersfield, VT.

St. Albans Messenger - St. Albans, VT - Jan. 5th, 1860.

In this village, by Rev. M. White, Mr. Charles E. Perkins and Miss Angeline R. Clyne, of Swanton.

Vermont Journal - Windsor, VT - April 18th, 1863

March 29th: Mr. C. E. Perkins of West Windsor, and Miss Mary S. Smith of Windham, VT

Vermont Chronicle - Tuesday, October 27, 1863.

Bakersfield, VT. Mr. John Perkins, aged 58, died on Oct. 9th, 1863. Member of the Congregational Church in Bakersfield, VT.







Vermont Gazette - Bennington, VT

Died: In Manchester, on the 20th - 30th of June, EDWARD ALLEN PERKINS, in the Meridian of life. He has left an aged mother, a wife and two children to lament their loss. He had lately entertained a home of having passed from death into life, and made profession of his belief in the divine Redeemer. He went out of the world rejoicing in God, and in home of a glorious immortality, through the merits of a crucified savior. Something remarkable took place with respect to this man, the night before he was taken sick he dreamed that he should soon be taken sick with the billions fever, and should consume and died the ninth day. When he was taken he told his wife of his assurance that he should die; she asked him if she should send for the doctor, he told her he had no desire for it, for no medical aid could save him from death. He was however attended immediately, but to no effect; he died as his dream predicted. On the 8th day he asked how long he had lain sick, and being informed that it was the eighth day, he blessed God, and exulted in the idea of dying the next day, which really took place. Calm and collected in his mind he lay, Till Heaven's appointment made him quit the clay;
Then blest his maker, and resigned to death, Serenely praised away his vital breath.



Rutland Weekly Herald - January 30 1864:

Jan. 28th: Judson A. Perkins, of Rutland, and Cornelia E. Clark, of Chittenden. By Rev. Leland Howard.

Vermont Chronicle, (Bellows Falls, VT) Saturday, April 22, 1865.

Bakersfield, VT. - Marriage - Mrs. Betsey Perkins, widow of the late John Perkins to Mr. S. G. Start.

Vermont Chronicle, (Bellows Falls, VT) Saturday, December 15, 1866.

Woodstock, VT - Marriage - Mr. John W. Perkins to Miss Augusta M. Hammond on Nov. 29th, 1866, both of W. Windsor, VT.

Vermont Chronicle, (Bellows Falls, VT) Saturday, June 04, 1870.

Claremont, VT, Mrs. Mary N. Perkins, aged 71, years, died, wife of John Perkins.
Vermont Chronicle, (Bellows Falls, VT) Saturday, February 04, 1871.

Claremont, VT - Marriage - Mr. John Perkins of Claremont, VT to Mrs. Olive Moody of Newport, VT on Jan.
19th, 1871.

Vermont Journal - Windsor, VT - July 14th, 1866

In Bethel, July 4th, by Rev. T. H. Johnson, Mr. Edmond F. Randlett, and Miss Loutheria P. Perkins.

Vermont Journal - Windsor, VT - Nov. 17th, 1866

In Hartland, Nov. 5th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Moses Kidder, Esq., Mr. Edwin H. Perkins of Woodstock, VT to Miss Juliette J. Marcy.

St. Albans Daily Messenger - St. Albans, VT - March 21st, 1872

In this village, March 20th, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary Perkins, by Rev. M. Adams, Mr. G. D. Williams, and Mrs. S. J. Farnam, both of St. Albans.

Vermont Gazette - Bennington, VT - Oct. 17th, 1874

In Sunderland, Oct. 7th, by the Rev. G. Graves, of Arlington, Mr. Walter Edgar Perkins of Arlington, and Miss Effie Pamelia Matteson, daughter of Mr. Eben W. Matteson, of Sunderland.

North Star - Danville, VT - July 28th, 1876

At Passumpsie, July 18th,
by A. H. Gammell, Esq., Mr. Fred Z. Thompson of Greensboro, to Miss Helen M. Perkins,
 of Kirby, VT.


St. Albans Messenger - St. Albans, VT - Feb. 2nd, 1877

In East Berkshire, Jan. 24, by Rev. E. W. Hatch, Mr. A. W. Perkins of ____, N. Y. and Miss Cornelia P. Cramoton of East Berkshire.

St. Albans Messenger - St. Albans, VT - Jan. 11th, 1878

In Richford, Jan. 1st, by Rev. J. K. Fuller, Mr. Fred F. Farrar to Miss Nellie Perkins, both of Richford.

Argus and Patriot - Montpelier, VT - Feb. 26th, 1879

In Barre, VT, Feb. 19th, at the residence of Warren Nye, Esq, by Rev. J. Edward Wright, Mr. Ezra K. Perkins, of Montpellier and Miss Alice A. Wheaton, of Barre, VT.





St. Albans Daily Messenger - St. Albans, VT - March 1st, 1879

In Enosburgh, Feb. 25th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. A. B. Smith, Mr. Henry W. Allen, and Miss Myra E. Perkins, only daughter of F. R. Perkins, all of Enosburgh.

St. Albans Daily Messenger - St. Albans, VT - Nov. 30th, 1880

In Rochester, VT, Nov. 22nd, by Rev. Geo. S. Guernsey, Mr. David J. Flanders and Miss Clara L. Perkins, both of Rochester, VT.

Rutland, VT - Herald & Globe

March 29 1883: A very pleasant company gathered at thee residence of H. O. Perkins Thursday morning to witness the marriage of his daughter, Stella C. Perkins, to Samuel N. Stone of the firm of Tuxbury & Stone of Windsor, Vt. The presents were numerous and costly. Prominent among them was a silver tea set from Mr. Tuxbury and the employees, and another from the brother of the groom. Also a china set, a case of silver, and a Duchesse lace set.

St. Albans Daily Messenger - St. Albans, VT - April 4th, 1883

In Bakersfield, March 27th, by Rev. W. B. Worthing of West Concord, Wright C. Walker of Troy, VT and Cynthia E. Perkins of Bakersfield, VT.

Argus and Patriot - Montpelier, VT - Feb. 29th, 1888

In Montpeller, Feb. 27th, at the residence of Elkins Perkins, by Rev. J. Edward Wright, Andrew Webster, of Sudbury and Adelaide Perkins of Montpeller, VT.

St. Albans Messenger - St. Albans, VT - Jan. 16th, 1896

Sheridan Ernest Perkins, son of Capt. H. E. Perkins, and Miss Julia Agnes Powers, were married at the residence of Rev. D. J. O'Sullivan, Wednesday, Jan. 8th. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. C. McLaughlin. Only the witness, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. Perkins and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Morton were present. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins will have rooms at No. 17 Bank Street.

St. Albans Daily Messenger - St. Albans, VT - Aug. 28th, 1900

The marriage of Miss Sarah Edna Perkins, of this city, to Dr. Waldo Jesse Upton, of Waterbury, will be solemnized at 3:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 4th, at the home of Miss Perkins's parents, Capt. and Mrs. Hiram E. Perkins on Upper Wolden St. Only immediate relatives of the bride and groom will be present at the ceremony.

Rutland, Vermont -Daily Herald - January 31 1917

Jan.31, 1917: Gilman Perkins, died Monday afternoon, he was born in Castleton, VT. 81
years ago. He had lived the greater part of his life in Hubbardton, VT, coming to Pittsford, VT 15 years ago. He was a member of company F, 14th Vermont regiment in the Civil war. The funeral will be held at the home of his sister Mrs. James Leonard, Thursday morning and the body will be taken to Brandon for burial.

Rutland, Vermont - Herald

May 12, 1927: Mrs. James Perkins passed Sunday in Castleton, Vt.

 The Vermont Watchman, (Montpelier, VT) - Wednesday, December 31, 1890.

Montpelier, VT. Mrs. Cynthia Strickney, died, aged 81 years. She was the mother of Mrs. Jonathan Perkins.

1893: Nov. 8th - The Vermont Watchman, (Montpelier, VT) Issue 45; col G

Mr. NATHANIEL PERKINS died last Friday morning, and in his death the town loses its oldest citizen. His parents were among the first settlers of the town of Walden. He passed his early manhood in that town and Hardwick. Later he became a citizen of this town, and has always enjoyed the respect and confidence of the public. Mr. Perkins was the last of the fourteen men living in this town who were born in the year 1800. Because of the sickness of his wife, only brief services were held at his residence last Sunday afternoon. His pastor, Rev. H. A. Russell, read passages of Scripture and offered prayer, and his remains were consigned to their last resting place in the village cemetery.