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Data: Joshua Newton Perkins m. 3.10.1831 Elizabeth Bishop - Tompkins Co., NY - Dutch Reformed Church - Rev. Alexander Mann
Data: Betsy Perkins m. 4.22.1824 Daniel L. Bishop - Rev. William Wisner - Ithaca, NY
Data: John Perkins (Capt US Army) m. 6.21.1817 Eliza Ann Crogham of Sacketts Harbor, NY


 10,000 Vital Records of Central New York 1813-1850 -CD


Data: Betsey Perkins m. Daniel Allsworth in Waterloo, NY 6-11-1833

Data: Jennet K. Perkins (dau. of Capt. John) m. Charles P. Tucker Fulton 1-16-1844 NY

Data: Ann Marie Perkins of Oxford m. 10-15-1822 Joseph Juliand of Green, NY

Data: Charlotte Perkins m. 10-31-1831 Ithaca, NY Cornelius Herman

Data: David Perkins of Utica, NY m. 5-15-1848 Alathea Ross (dau. of Rufus) Schuyler, NY

Data: Dyer Perkins of Smithfield, NY m.8-25-1830 Lomira Smith

Data: Erastus Perkins of Oxford, NY  m. 6-18-1822 Agnes Van Wagenen (dau. of Gerrit H.)

Data: Erastus S. Perkins of Oxford, NY m. 8-1-1828 or 8-11-1828 Eunice Butler late of Wethersfield, CT

Data: Gilman Perkins of Paintedpost, NY m. 8-23-1850 Mariah M. Huntley of Corning, NY

Data: Gurden Perkins of Greene, NY m. Frances Adelia Squires (dau. of Anthony)

Data: Sherlock William\William Sherlock Perkins b.1812 , attyn of Davenport & Perkins Law firm, m. 5-12-1837 Harriet Burton of Cazenovia, NY *(Note: she d.1844 age 27 at Cazenovia)

Data: Joseph Perkins m. 5-13-1849 Cornelia Kennedy (dau. of S.R. Kennedy) @ Columbus, NY

Data: Joshua Newton Perkins m. Elizabeth Perkins Bishop (dau. of Daniel of Ithaca, NY)

Data: Mark Perkins m. 11-25-1846 Eliza R. Swann in Utica, NY

Data: Pliny M. Perkins of Burlington, WI m. Elen Conkey of Clinton, NY m. 9-24-1847 Oak Grove, Dodge Co., WI

Data: Silas Perkins m. 5-21-1850 Rhoda M. Gray of Whitestown, NY

Data: Thomas G. (Goodman) Perkins of Utica, NY m. 12-7-1831 Eleanor "Ellen" Sophia Clark

Data: Elizabeth Amanda Perkins m. 10-26-1846 Henry Keith  of Utica, NY

Data: Fanny Perkins m. Sidney Stanton 7-24-1835 Cazenovia, NY

Data: Harriet H. Perkins of Clinton, NY m. George Howe at Cooperstown at the Central Hotel in Utica, NY 8-10-1848

Data: Jane Eliza Perkins m. Austin Rouse 5-12-1825 Oxford, NY

Data: Mary Perkins m. James Stokoe 5-24-1847 in Seneca, NY

Data: S.H. Perkins m. W.W. Willis 12-29-1847 of Rome, NY m. at the central Hotel in Utica, NY

Data: Catherine Perkins (dau. of Rev. Dr. Perkins of West Hartford, CT) m. 6-1-1804 Charles Seymour

Data: Eliza (Greene) Perkins, Widow of James Perkins m. Rev. George Washington Doane 9-19-1829

Data: Mariam Perkins m. John G. Reillay 9-3-1819 @ Albany, NY

Data: Ann Eliza Perkins m. 2-27-1841 William Hotchkin @ Pulteney, NY

Data: Anna Perkins m.3-29-1829 Harvey Steele @ Palmyra, NY

Data: Betsey Perkins m. 10-17-1833 Daniel Ailsworth of Galen, NY

Data: Charlotte W. Perkins m. 3-3-1817 Owen Ransom @ Norwich, CT

Data: Eliza Perkins m. 1-9-1825 Jesse Hurd @ Stafford, NY

Data: Henry Perkins M.D. of Oswego, NY m. Sarah Jones in Genesso, NY

Data: Lemuel Perkins of Campbell , m. 4-17-1842 Orpha M. Loop of Lenox, NY

Data: Thomas C. Perkins of Hartford, CT m. Mary F. Beecher in Boston, MA 3-11-1827

Data: Julia Perkins m. Frederick G. Stanley ( Only dau. of Philetus Perkins) Ithaca, NY

Data: Lorana Perkins of Elba, NY m. 7-15-1849 Dolphus Stone

Data: Louise Perkins (dau. of Capt. John) m. 8-25-1831 John Cross @ Pulteney, NY

Data: Lydia Lucretia Perkins m. 5-24-1846 Levi Y. Kromer in South Dansville, NY

Data: Mary Perkins of Saratoga, NY m. 10-9-1839 Schuyler Parshall of Palmyra, NY

Data: Parmilla Perkins m. 5-12-1824 Jacob Crane @ Williamson, NY



Data: Elizabeth Perkins, widow of Jenkins Perkins d. 1-12-1843 in Oriskany, NY age 80

Data: Erastus William Perkins d.18 mo. old 6-30-1823, son of Capt. James Perkins of Oxford, NY

Data: Lucia R. Perkins d. 6-2-1845 age 24 Utica, NY

Data: Lucy Perkins, widow of Frederick , d. 11-6-1847 @ Utica, NY

Data: Mary Perkins , widow of Elisha of Sterling, CT , d. 4-10-1844 aged 77 at the home of her son O.D. Perkins

Data: Ursula Perkins, widow of Erastus & relict of the late Hon. Allen of Litchford, CT, d. 12-26-1820 @ Oxford, NY

Data: Mrs. William Perkins, late of Chenango Co., NY d. Millegville, GA 8-10-1822

Data: Benjamin D. Perkins of Geneva , d. 10-13-1810

Data: Calvin Perkins d. 9-25-1828 East Palmyra, NY aged 40

Data: Clarissa Perkins, wife of Septimus , formerly of Broome , d. 5-17-1836 Jamestown

Data: James H. Perkins, son of Capt. John, d. 12-11-1848 aged 24 @ Pulteney, NY

Data: Capt. John Perkins d. 3-27-1850 aged 66 @ Pulteney, NY

Data: Phebe Perkins (dau. of William) d. 4-14-1822 in Galen, NY

Data: Rufus W. Perkins aged 30, native of MA d.3-31-1819 in Waterloo, NY

Data: James Perkins of Boston, MA d. 8-1-1822 aged 61 @ Roxbury

Data: Simeon L. Perkins of Ovid, NY d. 6-12-1822 @ Liverpool, Novia Scotia


     8,000 More Vital Records of Eastern, NY



Data: Capt. Perkins m. Polly Babcock at Sag Harbor 6-9-1825

Data: Alonzo Perkins m. 1-20-1842 Heuvelton, NY Catherine Laythe of Troy, NY

Data: Harvey Perkins of Cooperstown, NY m. 5-31-1832 Louisa Pierce of Middlebury, NY



Data: Abram Perkins age 31, postmaster d. 3-30-1838 @ Parishville, NY

Data: Mrs. Geroge Perkins, formally of Stafford, VT d. 2-20-1826

Data: Capt. William Perkins d. 6-24-1826 age 83 @ Woodstock, VT


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