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1862: May 17th - The Daily Cleveland Herald, Cleveland, OH

April 24th, 1862; Mrs. Nancy Perkins, aged 82, died. She was born in Lisbon, CT, Jan. 24th, 1780, daughter of Capt. Ezra Bishop. On March 18th, 1804 she married Gen. Simon Perkins of Warren, Ohio. Of her nine children, six including her husband have gone before her.

1866: June 29th - New Hampshire Statesman

Concord, NY. Mr. Frank Perkins, died, aged 19 years, youngest son of Hon. Hamilton E. and Clara B. Perkins.

1867: May 27th - Boston Daily Advertiser, Boston, MA.

Brookline, ME. Mrs. Caroline Gardiner, aged 67m, died, wife off Wm. H. Gardiner, and daughter of the late Thomas H. Perkins.

1868: Oct. 7th - Boston Daily Advertiser, Boston, MA.

Newport, MA. Mr. George Cabot Perkins, aged 65, years, died.

1873: April 22nd - Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, (Milwaukee, WI) pg. 3; Issue 93; col D


From Cornelius Brown, member of the House from this county, we have the following particulars concerning the destruction by water of the Perkins graveyard. This cemetery was opened in 1844, at which time it was owned by Constantine Perkins, who died during the war, and is sixteen miles below Little Rock, on the Arkansas River. The River was very high on Friday of last week, at which time the yard commenced caving gradually into the river, exposing to view moldy coffins, and in some instances their contents. The water kept rising until the cemetery was swept completely away, and about 500 coffins were washed into the river. It is thought they will all be recovered, as the graveyard is situated in what is known as the "Horse Shoe", between the river and a lake, where the water forms an eddy. When the graveyard was opened it was situated about 900 yards from the river, but each succeeding rise has washed more and more of the bank away, until the last flood came, which destroyed every vestige of the hallowed spot wherein were the loved remains of many citizens. The last body was washed into the river Sunday, at which time the citizens were summoned out by a justice of the peace to rescue the bodies from the river, and at which time about thirty-five were recovered. It is thought that all the bodies will be rescued, except those which have lain in the ground until they have decayed. Among the bodies recovered and recognized were those of Seeley Pillow, a woman who died six weeks ago, and Shade Shaley, a man who has been dead about a year. The wildest excitement prevails in the vicinity of the destroyed cemetery, as the men and woman are searching in the muddy waters of the Arkansas for the remains of their dead friends.


1874: Feb. 12th - Boston Daily Advertiser, Boston, MA.

Boston, MA. Mr. Alfred Perkins, aged 53 years, 3 months.

1874: April 30th - Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Chicago, IL: April 29th, 1874: Miss Levinia C.. Perkins, died.

1878: Nov. 15th - Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Chicago, IL. Mrs. Harriet E. Perkins, died, wife of W.L. Perkins at the home of her sister, Mrs. E.J. Remick.

1880: April 2nd - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Tuscola, IL\MI ?. Miss. Mary Perkins, aged 81 years, died, at the residence of Mrs. Dr. Crafts. Mrs. Perkins was a
native of Westfield, IL.

1881: Feb. 4th - St. Louis Globe-Democrat, St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis, MO. Feb. 2nd, 1881. Mr. William Potterton Perkins, died, nave of Leamington, England, husband of Josephine B. Perkins.

1881: July 20th - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Elgin, IL. July 19th, 1881, Mrs. Elizabeth Proctor Perkins, died, aged 72 years.

1882 - Oct. 16th - Unknown Newspaper - Caledonia County, Vermont

Mr. Ezra Perkins, aged 87 years, died at the residence of his step-son, Daniel Frost, Oct. 16th. Mr. Perkins has been confined to the bed for a number of months, suffering from paralytic shock. He was a member of the Baptist Church here, and exhibited Christian patience during his sickness, and was tenderly cared for by Mr. Frost and family.

1882: Dec. 4th - The Cleveland Herald, Cleveland, OH.

Painesville, OH: Mr. (Hon.) William L. Perkins, aged 84 years, died at his residence. Mr. Perkins came to Painesville, OH from Connecticut in 1828. He was elected many times as Mayor of his city. He leaves two sons and one daughter.

1883: July 7th - Boston Daily Advertiser, Boston, MA

Boston, MA. Mr. Horatio Nye Perkins, died, aged 75 years. He was born at Kennebunkport, ME, son of Mr. Eliphalet Perkins a wealthy ship owner engaged in the West Indies trade. Mr. Perkins was a farmer for 40 years at Melrose, MA, he was never married.

1885: Feb. 7th - Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO.

Denver, CO. Mrs. Olive Perkins, died. Her funeral will take place at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Charles McEwen.
1886: Dec. 4th - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Chicago, IL. Mr. (Dr.) James S. Perkins, died. Members of the Milwaukee Lodge, Knights of Pythias to which Dr. Perkins belonged, attended in body. He was a member of the Grand Ave. Congregational Church.

1888: Feb. 21st - Bangor Daily Whig & Courier, Bangor, ME.

Bangor, ME. Mr. Robert Perkins, died, aged 76 years. Mr. Perkins came to this city from Castine, ME, and with the exception of a few years in California, has lived here ever since.

1889: June 19th - Bangor Daily Whig & Courier, Bangor, ME.

Bangor, ME. Capt. Mark Perkins, died. The flags upon many vessels in the harbor were at half mass yesterday out of respect to the memory of the late Capt. Mark Perkins.


1890: April 21st - Sacramento daily record-union. (Sacramento [Calif.])

William L. Perkins died at Oroville, CA Saturday. He was very well known throughout Northern California and in this city. He was a brother to ex-Governor George C. Perkins, and also of D. K. Perkins of Oroville, CA. Mr. Perkins was a native of Maine and 50 years of age. He came to this state perhaps twenty years ago, and has resided almost constantly in Northern California. He was for many years in the insurance business with E. W. Fogg, and later had been employed in the grocery establishment of Perkins & Wise as head clerk. The deceased leaves a wife and child.


1890: May 10th - The Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, Centralia, WI

Sudden Death at Chicago - A Wealthy Cleveland Man Falls Dead at the Palmer

Chicago, ILL: May 5th - H. O. Perkins a wealthy varnish manufacturer from Cleveland, arrived here yesterday from Milwaukee, WI, and stopped at the Palmer House. His daughter has been at school several months and he telegraphed her to come here and he would give her a pleasant surprise. She heard him fall in his room, which adjoins hers at 3 o'clock this morning. Her agonized cries awoke the entire hotel. The door was broken open and Mr. Perkins was found dead on the floor.


1892: Feb. 24th - Bangor Daily Whig & Courier, Bangor, ME.

Mrs. Abbie H. Perkins, aged 65 years, died, wife of Augustus Perkins. She was a sister of Mrs. A. G. Perkins' wife, who died about two weeks ago.

1892: March 6th - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

March 4th, Oakland, CA: Jane R. Perkins, widow of the late Cyrus Perkins, and mother of Janet R. Perkins of Chicago, aged 68 years.


1892: March 8th - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Chicago, IL. Mrs. Jane Blanchard Perkins, died, wife of Charles A. Perkins, aged 72 years and 10 months,  at the residence of her son-in-law, Mrs. George C. Finney.

*See obit of her husband 10.23.1893*

1892: March 23rd - Bangor Daily Whig & Courier, (Bangor, ME) Issue 71; col F

A. G. Perkins died March 15th, 1892, aged about eighty. Mr. Perkins has lived in Castine for twenty-six years. He moved from Brooksville, and was in trade in Brooksville for many years, also was with his brother, Augustus Perkins, for some years, in Castine. He retired from business about twenty years ago. He leaves two sons and one daughter. His oldest son, Lucius M. Perkins, lives in Alfred, ME, his youngest son, Frank J. Perkins, and his daughter have lived at home. His death makes the third in the same house within six weeks, his wife and his brothers wife, having died before.


1892: April 26th - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

At the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Ada Burton, William S. Perkins, aged 77 years. Funeral today at 1:30 o'clock.

1893: Jan. 6th -LOWELL DAILY COURIER, Lowell, MA.

Jane M. C. Perkins died at the residence of her son, Samual J. Lovrien, 28 Dover street today, at the advanced age of 83 years. She bad lived in Lowell fifty years. She was the widow of James W. Perkins, and a native of Alexandria, N.H.

1892: Dec. 15th - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Dec. 14th: Cornella Holroyd Richards, wife of David Walton\Walten Perkins. Funeral from residence of her brother, Cecil A. Richard. Burial at Milwaukee.

1893: Oct. 23rd - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Oct. 21st: Charles A. Perkins, aged 74 years. Funeral Tuesday at 2 o'clock from the residence of his son-in-law, George C. Finney. Interment at Graceland.

Charles A. Perkins,  who died at the residence of his son-in-law, George C. Finney, No. 631 Cleveland avenue, last Friday, was born in Oneida County, NY, in 1813. He was prominent in politics in his State, was elected to the State Senate as a Republican, was Sheriff of Oswego County, and was collector of the port of Oswego form many years. Mr. Perkins was a member of the Masonic fraternity and was a Knights Templar. He leaves one son, Charles A. Perkins, of Jersey City, and one daughter, Mrs. George C. Finney, of this city, with whom he has made his home during the past four years.

*See obit. of his wife Jane Blanchard Perkins - 3.8.1892

1894: June 28th - The Atchison Daily Globe, (Atchison, KS) pg. 2; Issue 5,172; col E

Mrs. John Perkins died quite unexpectedly at 4 o'clock this morning, of consumption, aged 44 years. She had been sick since last fall, but was no worse than usual last night and her husband and daughter Fanny Perkins gave her a cup of coffee just before 4 o' clock this morning. She talked quite cheerfully, and while these two were standing over her, she died quiet and peacefully, before there was time to call the other six children. Mrs. Perkins came to Atchison in 1864, with her father, J. Gardside, when 14 years old and was married at 17. She leaves seven daughters, the youngest 10 years old, the eldest being Mrs. H. E. Rice of Chicago, IL, who has been in the city several weeks. The funeral will occur from the residence, 416 Atchison Street at 4pm tomorrow. Rev. John Henry Hopkins officiating. Mrs. Perkins was one of the best wives and mothers and one of the best woman and had many friends who will sincerely regret her death so early in life. Two of her sisters have died at about the same age within six years. The pall bearers will be : Charles Pullen, F. P. Barrett, Alfred Welsh, J. B. Stiliman, M. S. Peterson and P. B. Urie.


1895: Jan. 30th - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Iowa City, Iowa. Mr. William Rufus Perkins, died, at his home in Erie, PA. He was a professor of History at Iowa State Univ. He came here from Cornell Univ. in 1887. He was never married.

1895: June 19th - Bangor Daily Whig & Courier, Bangor, ME.

Mr. George Augustus Perkins, died, aged 67 years, at Wendell, MA May 15th, 1895. He was born in Weld, ME on June 24th, 1827, son of Dr. Lafayette and Dorcus (Abbott) Perkins. He removed to Farmington, ME in 1836. He married Miss. Sarah E. Farrington of Brewer, ME on July 17th,1854.



1894: April 10th - The North American, Philadelphia, PA.

Beverly, N.J. April 8th, 1894. Mrs. Anne E. Perkins, died, wife of Francis D. Perkins.

1894: May 4th - Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO.

Denver, Co. Mrs. Catherine Perkins, died.

1895: March 26th - The Daily Picayune, (New Orleans, LA) pg. 12; Issue 61; col A

Mr. R. C. Perkins, commercial agent of the Mobile and Ohio, was called to the bedside of his father at Brookhaven, Colonel John E. Perkins, who died there in his 85th year. Mr. Perkins has been with his father for the past few weeks attending him, and when Mr. Perkins came back to the city Sunday it was with the hope that the old gentleman was improving. A telegram, however, hastily summoned him back and he arrived there in time to see his father pass away. Colonel Perkins was one of the oldest merchants in Brookhaven, having been for some years retired from business. He was generally loved and respected, and his death is a sad bereavement to his family, several members of which remain to mourn his departure.

1895: June 19th - Bangor Daily Whig & Courier, (Bangor, ME) Issue 145; col F

Mr. George Augustus Perkins died in Wendell, MA, May 15th, 1895, aged 67. He was born in Weld, ME, June 24th, 1827, the son of Dr. Lafayette and Dorcus (Abbott) Perkins. He removed to Farmington in 1836 and fitted for college at Farmington Academy 1840 to 1845. He entered Bowdoin as a sophomore in 1846 and graduated in 1849. He entered Bangor Seminary in 1849 and was principal of Oxford Normal School, South Paris, ME, in 1850-'51 and of the high school, Norridgework, 1857. He was graduated from Bangor Seminary in 1853 and was assistant teacher of Hebrew for some months. He was ordained as a missionary of the A.B.C.F.M at Farmington, ME, May 25th, 1854. He married Miss Sarah E. Farrington, of Brewer, ME, July 17th, 1854. They sailed from Boston for Turkey for a few months, then at Marash from 1855 to 1859. They returned to America on account of his wife's health and for two years he was at Farmington and Brewer, most of the time preaching as opportunity offered. He assisted again in the Hebrew department of the Bangor Seminary in 1860 and 1861. After two years of study at the Sheffield Scientific School, New Haven, CT, he sailed for Turkey where he became professor in Robert College, Constantinople. In 1865 he returned to American and in 1866 established a family school for boys in Gorham, ME. He was acting pastor at Pownal, ME , from 1872 to 1875; Luenburg, VT, 1875-8, Raymond, N.H., 1878-80; Salem, N.H., 1880-83; Harvard, Mass, 1884-87; Boxboro, from 1887; West Pictou from 1889; Wendell, 1893-95 to the close of his life. Mr. Perkins was scholarly in his tastes and well adapted as an educator. He was an acceptable pastor, endearing himself to his people by a genial and Christ like spirit. His widow and three sons survive, William A. Perkins, principal of the high school in Worcester, MA; Herbert Perkins of Chicago, IL and Carroll Perkins of Boxboro, MA, with whom his mother will make her home.

1895: Sept. 5th - Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR.

Sellwood, OR. Mrs. Asa Perkins, died, of Sellwood, OR. Remains taken to the Milwaukie Cemetery.

1896: July 2nd - The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL.

Hartford, CT. July 1st, 1896. Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, died. She is survived by two sisters and two brothers. They are Mrs. Mary Foote Perkins, widow of Thomas C. Perkins, and mother of Charles E. Perkins. Mrs. Isabella Beecher Hooker, Rev. Charles Beecher of Georgetown, MA, and Rev. Thomas K. Beecher of Elmira, NY.

1896: Nov. 27th - The North American, Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia, PA: Nov. 24th, 1896. Mr. Howard Perkins, died, son of the late William B. Perkins and Harriet Perkins.

1897: April 8th - The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.])

Tulare, CA: April 7th, 1897 - D. H. Perkins (Daniel Hubbard Perkins b.1821 NY) an old and esteemed pioneer, died last night, after a lingering illness. "Uncle Dan" as he was familiarly known, had lived in Tulare, CA almost a quarter of a century. He was 76 years old.


1898: Jan. 28th - The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans, LA, Jan. 26th, 1898. Mr. Arthur P. Perkins, died. His remains will be shipped by the Illinois Central Railroad to Castine, ME.

1898: March 28th - The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.])

Almeda, CA: March 27th, 1898 - Franklin L. Perkins, aged 69 years, died in this city at an early hour this morning from dropsy and a complication of other troubles. He was a native of New York and had resided in this city for twenty-eight years. He was a well known mining man, and had been wealthy, but of late years had lost much of his property. He leaves a son and a daughter. His funeral will take place on Tuesday at 2 pm from the Masonic Temple, and interment will be in Mountain View Cemetery.

1898: July-Sept - Plattsburgh, NY- Sentinel

Charles Perkins of Thomastown, MN, departed this life last Monday. Deceased was a native of New Hampshire and a little over 53 years of age. He was born at Manchester, N.H., Feb. 13th, 1845. While in his teens he came to Minnesota. Shortly after the War he returned to New Hampshire and married Miss Lucy Walker, 26 years ago. Miss Walker was a daughter of Hiram Walker of Beekmantown, N.H. In 1878, he returned to Minnesota and settled in Thomastown, MN where he has resided ever since. In 1884 his wife died. They had two children. In 1888 he married Mrs. Peter Olive, and two children have blessed this union.


1898: Dec. 31st - The North American, Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia, PA. Dec. 29th, 1898. Mrs. Sarah (Smyth) Perkins, died, wife of Dr. E. Stanley Perkins.

1899 - Sept 9th -  Fort Dodge Semi-Weekly Chronicle, Fort Dodge, IA

Page Perkins, one of the
Estimable Citizens of Webster County

In the death of Mr. Page E. Perkins on Sabbath last, Webster county lost one of her most estimable and best known citizens. Never self-assertive and aggressive but quite (sic) and shrinking in temperament, he was known in his limited circle as a faithful friend, a kind neighbor and a hard­working man.

Born at Lunbride, (Tunbridge, Orleans Co.,  ?)  Vermont, October 23, 1824; he came to Fort Dodge in 1865, and settled on a farm about five miles west of this city where he lived for some twenty-five years, or until called to return to the east with his invalid wife, who died there June 21 (sic), 1891. Some time after her death he returned to this city and in October, 1893, was married to Mrs. Martha A. Benson, who cared most tenderly for him in his declining years and in his final sickness, and who will have the sympathy of our whole community as she leaves the fresh grave of her husband to go to Alburquerque (sic), N. M., where her daughter, Mrs. Purcell, lies very ill with consumption.

Mr. Perkins was for many years a devoted member of the First M. E. church of this city from which he was dismissed at his own request some five years since to unite with the First Presbyterian church, in whose fellowship he died and under whose auspices his funeral services were held on Monday last. At the request of the deceased the text of Dr. Greene's remarks was Amos 4:12 "Prepare to Meet Thy God."