Transcribed From:

Miscellaneous Canadian Newspapers
Manitoba, Canada

~Perkins Research~


1882: May 31st - Winnipeg Daily Sun - Manitoba, Canada.

Mrs. Perkins, wife of Mr. T. Perkins, blacksmith of this city, died suddenly yesterday a forenoon.

1896: June 8th - Daily Nor'Wester - Manitoba, Canada.

A Pioneer Dead

Windsor, Ontario, Canada: Thomas Perkins, seventy-nine, who was one of the members of first grand lodge of Masons in Canada, died here yesterday. Perkins was a personal friend of the late Sir John A. McDonald and it was he who prevailed upon the future leader of the Canadian government to enter politics. He was one of the wealthiest men in Windsor.

1898: July 7th - Morning Telegram - Manitoba, Canada.

Zorrie, Manitoba, Canada: July 5th - George W. Perkins, jeweler in Toronto, Canada and son of Post-Master Henry Perkins of this place, died here to-day, aged 30.



1899: April 20th - Portage la Prairie News and Portage la Prairie Review - Manitoba, Canada.

Gorrie, Ontario, Canada: April 14th - James Perkins, M.P., grain merchant and treasurer of the township of Howick, Canada, was drowned last night while endeavoring to save hi property which the over flow on the Maitland river had endangered.

1899: June 21st - Portage la Prairie News and Portage la Prairie Review - Manitoba, Canada.

Milwaukee, WI: June 16th - Frederick S. Perkins, the well known archaeologist, artist and collector, died at his home in Burlington, WI yesterday.

1900: Feb. 2nd - Portage la Prairie News and Portage la Prairie Review - Manitoba, Canada.

Portage la Prairie Weekly: Quaint English Records: Some singularly quaint records have just been discovered in the parochial registers of Footfield, near Marlborough, the name of the parish church of which place dates from the eleventh century. One of the earliest entries decipherable is as follows:

"1582", the 2nd of December, buried Robert Waterman, kylled with a tree". In 1600 "a poor man whose name is unknown" is mentioned as having died in a "doggie kennel". While in 1612 it is stated that "on Tuesday, the one and twentieth of July, was here entombed the body of the Right Hon. Edward Lord Beauchamp, who deceased as week". This was a son of Lord Beauchamp, who secretly married the Lady Arabella Stuart in the reign of James I and was imprisoned in the Tower for thus wedding a lady of royal descent without the king's consent. "In 1675 a "poore traveling man" was buried, and in 1708 a note is appended to the registration of the marriage of John Perkins and Mary Overs, stating that they "made a rude distrubance and abused ye people coming out of the church" - London Telegraph.


1902: Jan. 30th - Minnedosa Tribune - Manitoba, Canada.

Colonel Attwood, for many years police magistrate at Neetawa?, a man of ability and quite popular, died in Winnipeg at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. T. M. Perkins. He was 74 years old.

1910: March 31st - Portage la Prairie Weekly Review - Manitoba, Canada.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada: March 30th - Chess Perkins, liveryman was struck down in front of his own stable last night, and died a few minutes after. This morning Joseph Thompson, of Pontiac, MI was arrested as he was about to cross to Detroit, MI. Thompson had a quarrel with Perkins over hiring a rig, which he would not let him have because he was partly intoxicated. He struck Perkins a blow and the latter fell with a fractured skull.

History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario: Biographical notices:

W. T. (William T.) PERKINS, saddler and harness-maker, was born on the Island of Jersey, in the English Channel, and emigrated to Canada in Oct. 1850. He located first at Bradford, County Simcoe, Canada and came to Newmarket in 1858. Mr. Perkins is doing a first-class business, which he may be considered the best of its kind in town. He has been a Director of the Mechanics Institute for five years, and is now a member of the Independent Order of Odd fellows. Mr. Perkins was married in 1871 to Miss MARTHA SCARFFE, sister of Mr. J. W. Scarffe, Mayor of Brantford, by whom he has a family of four daughters and living and one son.