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Roger Elliot Perkins b.1769 Salem, MA d.1825 Hopkinton, Merrimack Co., NH. Son of (Timothy & Hannah (Trowbridge) Perkins). His wife ESTHER (BLANCHARD). They resided at Hopkinton, Merrimack (once Rockingham) Co., NH.

Their children were:

1. Harriet Trowbridge Perkins b.1797 MA m. Joseph B. Towne\Thownes
2. Jonathan Blanchard Perkins b.1799 MA d.1832 MA
. Caroline Lovell Perkins b.1801 NH m. William Berry
4. Marinda Hubbard Perkins b.1804 NH d.1803 NH

5. Hamilton Elliot Perkins b.1805 NH d.1886 NH m. Clara B. George
6. Hamlet Houghton Perkins b.1808 NH
7. Tarrant Augustus Perkins b.1809 NH d.1881 m. Mary Lovejoy
8. Esther Marinda Perkins b.1812 NH d.1820 NH

Note: He was a brother of Nehemiah Perkins
Note: He was a brother to Bimsley Perkins
Note: He was a brother to Hannah (Perkins) Averill, wife of Elijah Averill of Middleton, MA

Source: Roger Perkins - Last Will and Testament - NH Wills and Probate
Source: Perkins Family History - Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire, v. 1. by: Sterns, Whitcher, Parker (1909)
Source: Relationship with Nehemiah Perkins - Read: Essex Institute  Historical Collection - Volume XXIX (1892) P. 33. Sister Hannah (Perkins) Averill heirs (1825) were Nehemiah Perkins and the children of Roger Perkins.


Bimsley Perkins, Capt. b.1789 Middleton, MA. Son of (Timothy & Hannah (Throwbridge) Perkins). His wife SUSAN (LADD). They are listed on the 1820 Census at Hopkinton, NH. He was a tavern owner in Hopkinton, NH.

His known child was:

1. Louisa Ayer Perkins b. ? NH

Source: Life and Times in Hopkinton, NH by Charles C. Lord (1890)



Thomas Perkins b.1753 Topsfield, MA  d. 1826 New Boston, Hillsborough Co., NH. Son of (Thomas & Susanna (Prescott) Perkins, Zaccheus, Thomas, John Sr. of Ipswich, MA).  His wife MARY (BALCH). They resided at New Boston, Hillsborough Co., NH

Their children were:

1. Charles Perkins b.1788
. Mary Perkins b. ?  m. Adam Herrick     
3. Charlotte Perkins b.1792
4. Westly Perkins b.1796
5. Irena Perkins b.1798  m. Joshua Jones
6. Hiram Perkins b.1800
7. Elbridge Perkins b.1804

Source: Thomas Perkins - Last Will and Testament - NH Wills & Probate
Source: Family of John Perkins of Ipswich, MA by George A. Perkins


Joseph Perkins b. ? d.1831 Middleton, Strafford Co., NH. His wife UNKNOWN (Unknown). They resided at Middleton, Strafford Co., NH

His children were:

1. Hiram Perkins b. ? NH
2. Solomon H. Perkins b. ? NH
3. Mary Perkins b. ?  NH m. _______ Davis
4. Abigail Perkins b. ? NH
5. Susan Perkins b. ? NH
6. Lydia Perkins b. ? NH

*He mentioned in his Last Will that he had a brother named John Perkins

Source: Joseph Perkins - Last Will and Testament - NH Wills & Probate



Thomas Perkins b. ? d.1834 Alton, Strafford Co., NH. His wife BETSEY (Unknown). They resided at Alton, Strafford Co., NH.

His children were:

1. George W. Perkins b. ?
2. Asa Perkins b. ?
3. Eri Perkins b. ?
4. John Perkins b. ?
5. James Perkins b. ?
6. Thomas Perkins b. ?
7. Henry S. Perkins b. ?
8. Susannah Perkins b. ? m. ________ Place
9. Nancy Perkins b. ? m. Ezra Johnson
10. Elizabeth Perkins b. ?
11. Rachel Perkins b. ?
12. Polly Perkins b. ?
13. Martha J. Perkins b. ?
14. Julian Maria Perkins b. ?

Source: Thomas Perkins - Last Will and Testament - NH Wills & Probate


James Perkins b. ? NH d.1855 Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH. His wife SARAH (Unknown). They resided at Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.

Their known children were:

1. James Perkins b. ? NH
2. Jonathan Perkins b. ? NH
3. Sarah Ann Perkins b. ? NH
4. Hannah Ann Perkins b. ? NH
5. Oliver D. Perkins b. ? NH

Source: James Perkins - Last Will and Testament - NH Wills & Probate


Dearborn Perkins b. ?  d.1847 Danbury, Grafton Co., NH. His wife SALLY "FANNY" (RING). They resided at Danbury, Grafton Co., NH.

His known children were:

1. Jonathan Perkins b. ?
2. William R. Perkins b. ?
3. Freedom Perkins b. ?
4. Isaac C. Perkins b. ?
5. Winthrop G. Perkins b. ? m. Lavina (Farr/Yarr)
     5a. Lavina Farr/Yarr Perkins b.1813 Corinth, VT d.1892 Corinth, VT
6. Dearborn Perkins Jr. b. ?
7. Abigail Perkins b.1804 Enfield, Grafton Co., NH d.1877 Bradford, Orange Co., VT
8. Martha G. Perkins b. ?

9. Lucy Melissa Perkins b. ?

Source: Dearborn Perkins - Last Will and Testament - NH Wills & Probate
Source: Burial - Abigail Perkins - Upper Plain Cemetery - Bradford, Orange Co., VT
Source: Death - Lavina Farr/Yarr Perkins - VT Vital Records


Adna Perkins b.1789 MA d.1815 Grafton Co., NH. Son of (Azel & Lucretia (Eaton) Perkins). His wife FRANCES (CAMPBELL). They resisted in Grafton Co., New Hampshire.

Their known child was:

1. Joanna E. Perkins b.1812 NH d.1875 m. Samuel West

Source: Genealogy of the Balch Families in America by: Galusha B. Balch (1897)


Apollos Perkins b. 1822 Lyme, NH. Son of (George Ryder b.1790 d.1864 NH & Mary "Polly" (Woodward) Perkins ). His wife DEMARIS W. (CONVERSE). They resided at Lyme, Grafton Co.,  NH &  Enfield, Grafton Co., NH

Their known children were:

1. Adna Perkins b.1848 Lyme, NH m. 1st. Mary C. (Clement); m. 2nd; Adelaide "Addie" (Hazen)
2. Cathalin "Kate" G. Perkins b.1857  Lyme, NH m. 1st; John Marshall , m.2nd; Edwin H. Perkins

Source: Some of the Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Converse, Jr. of Thompson Parish, Killingly, CT, Major James Converse of Woburn, MA, Hon. Herman Allen of Milton and Burlington, VT, Captain Jonathan Birby, Sr. of Kilingly, CT by Charles A. Converse, Volume 1 of 2 (1905)



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