Transcribed From:

Wisconsin Capitol Times
Madison, WI

~Perkins Research~


1918: Sept. 25th - Capitol Times - Madison, WI.

The body of Judge Henry Philip Perkins, who died at Hudson, WI, Monday, was brought to Madison, WI this morning. The funeral will be held on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Sophia M. Briggs. Judge Perkins was born in Maine 64 years ago. He was a graduate from the Univ. of Wisconsin Law School (1882). He taught in the Madison, WI H.S. for several years. He practiced law with Charile Buell from 1883-1887. He married Miss Kittie M. Briggs of Madison, WI in 1890. They moved to Superior, WI. Since that time, Judge Perkins has been United States Court Commissioner and of recent years has been probate Judge.



1919: July 7th - Capitol Times - Madison, WI.

Deerfield, WI: Mr. John Perkins and family of Wyocena, WI, visited with the formers father, Fred Perkins last Sunday.

1920: July 7th - Capitol Times - Madison, WI.

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Zimmerman, Juneau Place, Milwaukee, WI, are entertaining their daughters, Miss Edith Zimmerman of this city and Mrs. Edward F. Perkins of Grand Rapids, MI.


1921: July 7th - Capitol Times - Madison, WI.

Mrs. P. H. Perkins, died, widow of the late Judge Phillip Perkins of Superior, WI, both of whom were formerly of Madison, WI. Funeral services will be held Friday. Mrs. Perkins died in her home in Superior, WI on Tuesday.
     ___ont>died in her home in Superior, WI on Tuesday.

1921: March 13th - Capitol Times - Madison, WI.

Mrs. Atlanta Perkins Houser, who died at Madison, WI, was the youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fred Perkins.