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 Michigan Biographical Sketches

Guy O. Perkins b.1840 VT. Son of (Archibald & Nancy (Irish/Brand) Perkins). His wife SARAH E. (STOWE). He moved from VT to MI to WI. He served in the Civil War from WI.

Their known children were:

1.Henry E. Perkins b.1868 WI m. Anna Sampson
**2.William A. Perkins b.1869 WI m. Emma Swenson
3.Frank L. Perkins b.1872 WI m. Elizabeth Hartung
4.Lillian A. Perkins b.1875 WI m. Herbert Fenton
5.Guy O. Perkins Jr. b.1880 WI d.1899 WI
6.Earl E. Perkins b.1883 WI m. Emma Quick
7.Corneila H. Perkins b.1885 m. David Smith
8.Elma L. Perkins b.1887 m. John Cable

9.Edna M. Perkins b.1888 d.1898

** Possibly- William A. Perkins who died 1965 San Joaquin, CA [See CA Death Index]


William E. Perkins b.1824 VT. Son of (Archibald & Nancy (Irish/Brand) Perkins). His wife LUCRETIA (GIBSON). He moved from VT to MI. They were listed on the 1850 Census at Lamartine, Fond du Lac Co., WI and on the 1860 Census at Farmington, Waupaca Co., WI. They later removed to Oregon.

Their known children were:

1.George H. Perkins b.1848 WI d.1928 OR       *Removed to Central Point, Oregon
2.Annette Perkins b.1851 WI m. John Carsley
3.Howard A. Perkins b.1855 WI m. Lillian M. King
4.Larissa Perkins b.1859 WI m. George Fuller
5.Pheobe Perkins b.1869 WI m. Charles Chapman
6.Cornelia B. Perkins b.1872 WI

Source: The centennial history of Oregon, 1811-1912, Volume 3- By Joseph Gaston


Albert J. Perkins b.1844 VT. Son of (Archibald & Nancy (Irish/Brand) Perkins). His wife CLARINDA (DWINDELL). He moved from VT to MI to OR. He was listed on the 1870 MI Census at Cooper, Kalamazoo Co., MI.

Their Known children were:

1.Adelaide M. Perkins b.1866 MI m. George Rivers
2.Eveline M. Perkins b.1868 MI  m. Frank Allen
3.Caroline A. Perkins b.1870 MI m. Moses Getts
4.Annie I. Perkins b.1872 WI m. Ira C. Pratt
5.Fred R. Perkins b.1876 WI  m. Nellie Tobin
6.Louella J. Perkins b.1879 WI m. Alexander Tarter
7.Ethel A. Perkins b.1885 WI or OR m. Arthur Burt
8.A.J. Perkins b.1887 OR m. Lorena Hill
9.Vera A. Perkins b.1888 OR m. David Rogers

*In 1870, Archibald & Nancy Perkins resided in his household



Norman Archibald Perkins b.1839 VT. Son of (Archibald & Nancy (Irish/Brand) Perkins). His wife CYNTHIA C. (STOWE). He moved from VT to MI to WI. He is listed on the 1860 Census as "Archibald Perkins" at Farmington, Waupaca Co., WI.

Their Known Children were:

1.Emma Perkins b.1853 WI
2.Elmer E. Perkins b.1862 WI m. Dora J. Lozier
3.Gertrude A. Perkins b.1866 WI m. Mr. McCuray
4.Oscar L. Perkins b.1868 WI
5.John Archibald Perkins b.1870 WI d.1954 WI m. Alvina Wega
6.Sarah E. Perkins b.1873 WI m. 1st Bentram D. Churchill; 2nd. John Foltz
7.Ernest J. Perkins b.1875 WI m. Kathryn I. Senn
8.Clarence Perkins b.1877 WI
9.Lola M. Perkins b.1881 WI
10.Floyd Perkins b.1882 WI
11.Paul B. Perkins b.1888 WI m. Grace F. (Unknown)

Source: Sarah E. Perkins 2nd. marriage - Michigan Marriage Records - 1867-1952


Harmon A. Perkins b.1836 VT. Son of (Archibald & Nancy (Irish/Brand) Perkins). His wife CORNELIA H. (DWINDELL). He moved from VT to WI to OR. They are listed on the 1860 Census at Farmington, Waupaca Co., WI.

Their Known Children were:

1.Luther G. Perkins b.1860 WI m. Mary E. Warnock
2.Ida A. Perkins b.1862 WI m. George Wilson
3.Theresa Perkins b.1864 WI
4.Sarah Perkins b.1864 WI (Twin) m. Martin Maley
5.Caroline H. Perkins b.1866 WI d.1867
6.Harmon B. Perkins b.1868 WI



*NOTE*. Some or all of this material may contain errors. It will be up to the researcher to show proof before passing on any of this information.


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