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Welcome to my Perkins Family Genealogy Research Website

What will you find on this site is 20+ years worth of research.
All material on this site were either researched by me, donated to me, or submitted by friends of Perkins Research.


 Michigan - New York - Ohio -
Pennsylvania -
Vermont - Wisconsin



Research provided: 1790-1850 Census information with short biographical sketches of PERKINS men from the above specific states.
 Land Records
, Marriage Records and Birth Records and Newspaper Transcriptions in specific states, not all states are fully covered.

Also included on this site, A short History of the surname of PERKINS, A list of Books that I own,
a listing of Perkins Men in the Military and Y-DNA Perkins Genealogy research.

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Play fair or don't play at all

~ My Philosophy ~

Just because you find information on the Internet, doesn't make it your own.
Do the leg work yourself, you'll appreciate it more.

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